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Box Compression Tester HD-A505

Box Compression HD-A505
Features :
  1. The system adopts microcomputer control, with PVC panel, the test process automatically.
  2. To provide four kinds of test methods, constant pressure measuring deformation, given deformation measuring resistance to pressure, maximum crushing force; stacking.
  3. LED digital display screen dynamically displays the specimen number, the specimen deformation, real-time pressure and the initial pressure.
  4. A system with a single-phase power, the drag from the DC to ensure the adjustable test speed, accuracy, and stability.
  5. limit travel protection, overload protection, and fault tips, intelligent configuration to ensure safe operation of the user.
  6. The ultra-lightweight design, can be adapted to a variety of floor load requirements.
  7. equipped with micro-printer for data printout.

 Unit (switchable)
 Kg, Lb, N
 Capacity (optional)
Load Resolution
 Stroke (exclude the grips)
  400 mm
 Load Accuracy
Test Space (L×W×H)
Speed of Compression
10 ± 3 mm/min
Operation Mode
Report Items
Serial number, Peak value, Average value, Designated holding pressure value; all memorable 
AC Frequency Conversion Motor ( Taiwan);
Imported screw rod ;4 sensors; LED display
Dimension (L×W×H)
2370×1500×2100mm (can be custom made)
 1ø, 220v/ 50Hz
 Approx. 850kg
Safety Devices
Overload protection, overvoltage protection & limited position protection device
TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642

Design Criteria :

TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642, QBT1048, BS EN ISO 12048, GB/T4857.16, GB/T8167, GB/T8168, GB/T4857.3, GB/T4857.4

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