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Clamping Testing Equipment HD-A535

Clamping Testing Equipment HD-A535

Clamping testing machine :

Up to ASTM D6055

PLC control 


The clamp testing equipment simulates the process the schnabel car discharge the package, during this process, the clamping force of the both boards will affect the package and cargo. And this test is to evaluate the resistance property of the package toward this clamping force.


Specimen shape
Parallelepiped transport package
Max. Specimen weight
Clamping pressure force
According to the transport diagram on the test sample, the operator can add 400~3000Lb (adjustable) pressure force on the corresponding surface
Clamping board size
H*D 48*48inch
Clamping board adjustable height
Elevation speed
10~300mm/min optional
Clamping board expansion width
Baseboard dimension
W*D 1500*1500mm
Clamping board requirement
Make sure the two clamping board are flat, parallel and non-deform under the work condition(2000Pound) and clamp board and land are vertical. Clamping board thickness no less than 25mm.
Corrector of force
Force value display used to correct clamping force
Force precision
National standard 1.6 level
Manual operating rod simulates fork truck actual operating actions such as clamping control, opening, lifting up, lifting down or automatic switching mode operation (clamping board thickness no less than 25mm)
Device width
Less than 2.5m

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