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Paper Tear Strength Tester HD-A510-1

Paper Tear Strength Tester HD-A510-1

Pendulum tear paper testing equipments

  1. Accurate , low-cost and high quality 
  2. Suitable for fabrics and textile 
  3. ASTM D 1424 
Usage :

Falling pendulum tear paper testing equipments is suitable for plastic films, films, sheets, paper, cardboard, textiles and non-woven fabrics, such as tear resistance test. MK-9892 tearing strength testing machines in accordance with ISO1974 of the cardboard paper and Board-determination of tearing, GB455.1 the determination of paper tearing Act, GB455.2 of the Board-determination of tear test.

Features :
  1. Falling pendulum tear paper testing equipments consists of a pendulum frame, the pendulum sector body, pendulum shaft, fixture, jig activity, weight gain weight, die cutter, release the pendulum institutions.
  2. Falling pendulum tear paper testing equipments pointer display, customers can get the test results through pointers.
Technical features :
  1. System controlled by computer automation, electronic measurement, user-friendly test quick and easy operation.
  2. Pneumatic specimen holder, the pendulum is released effectively avoid systematic errors due to human-induced.
  3. Computer assisted leveling system ensures that the instrument is always in the best state test
  4. With multiple sets of pendulum capacity to meet the needs of different users test
  5. Professional software supports a variety of output data test unit
  6. External access and data transmission standard RS232 interface for easy system
  7. Support Lystem ™ Lab Data Sharing System, the unified management of test results and test report
Principle :

The pendulum lifting a certain height, it has a certain potential energy; when the pendulum free hem, using its own stored energy to tear the specimen; by the computer control system calculates the energy consumed when the tear sample, resulting in the force required to tear the specimen.

Specification :

The scope of tear strength
A :0~32N(By installing a small hammer A) 
B :0~64N(Significant increase in heavy hammer to installB) 
Tear length
Incision length
20±0 .2mm
Sample size
Force accuracy
Outside dimension
About 30Kg

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