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Stiffness Tester HD-A500

Stiffness Tester HD-A500
Usage :

Electronic stiffness of paper testing equipment uses advanced electronic monitoring and control technology and computer technology, the performance has improved significantly, with low power consumption, speed, clarity of liquid crystal display, simple operation, fast, high-tech mechanical and electronic integration. Stiffness is a measure of bending resistance strength of paper and cardboard targets, Electronic stiffness of paper testing equipment is used to determine the stiffness of paper and board special equipment. It suitable for the quantitative determination of the paper and board stiffness which thickness less than 1mm particularly.

Principle :

Electronic stiffness of paper testing equipment is designed based on the principle of static bending, ie bending a vertical grip the free end of the sample, when the sample to a certain resistance when bending is the angle of bending stiffness, in units of mN; or the length of the product and test resistance, in units of mN • m. Electronic stiffness of paper testing equipment is in full compliance with ISO 5628 "Paper and board - Determination of static bending of general principles" requirement.

Design criteria :

The instrument reference standard: ISO 5628, GBT 2679.3. 

Specifications :

Measuring range
0 ~10000mN
Indication error
± 1%
length of the test
5,10,15,20,25,50 mm
5 ~ 30 °
Gripper speed
15 ± 0.3 °(degrees / 10 sec)
Sample size specimen width
38 ± 0.2mm width, 70mm length (76mm best )
(L × W × H)330 × 340 × 230mm
Power supply
220V ± 10%
Weight (approx.)
about 12kg

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